Here's what people are saying about the
Power Trim Method!
Hello Phil,

I am thrilled with my abrasive trimmer!  I only trim my own horses, I have carpal tunnel so bad that trimming with my regular tools is literally a pain and I can only get one horse done a day.  With my new Softouch Power Trimmer I can get all 4 horses done and one horse is a Friesian with hooves like dinner plates.  My horses actually love it!  There were no problems introducing them to the trimmer at all. 

Please see my detailed review along with video, I hope it helps your customers make the right choice to go with the Softouch Power Trimmer.  Softouch Power Trimmer Review by Sullivan Farm

Best Regards,
Louanne Sullivan

 "I LOVE your trimmer - the weight and size are perfect for me (64 yo woman who really should get back in to weight
training ;).
  I practiced on a 2x4, as had never used a grinder for any purpose in the past - this one is well balanced and not tiring to use. My horses readily accepted the noise & I'm guessing they appreciate the light touch & small amount of time needed for the trimming compared to the pushing/pressure/slower job of rasping.

 Thank you again for designing your trimmer. Otherwise, I wouldn't be trimming my own horses if I had to use the knife/nippers/rasp routine.

Been a pleasure doing business with you!

"Judi B., Florida" 

I used the new trimmer for the first time yesterday and I LOVE it! It is smaller, lighter, quieter and fits my small hands. After putting his tail up, putting on my suede gloves with long arms that cover my arms (I found at a nursery), my goggles and a headlight from REI (my barn tack up area can be dark & eyes not so sharp anymore), my 26yo Arab stood quiet and perfectly still and let me put his hooves in the stand which we always had problems with before. I was going to give him the flax cookie after every hoof but he was so good I forgot until the end. My 16yo Morgan who has always pulled his hoof away from me was so much better. I did remember to give him the cookie after every hoof and he got better and better by the last one. My goal is to lightly touch up weekly so I can just stay on top of it. It was so much faster! I do know it will take some practice to get it all perfect but I'm excited to learn & get better. Thank You Phil!

 Jan M. Philpot, KY 

Hi Phil,

 I ordered the DVD and tools last week. I got them on Friday and watched the DVD that night. I've had previous experience shoeing/trimming my Foxtrotter horses for quite some time now.  On Saturday I tried the system out for the 1st time with great success.  It was so much easier than standard tools. My horses were very calm with the abrasive technique. Even though they previously  had shoes on, they have been running around the pasture like crazy and very sound.

 Thanks for the great products and customer service,

 Paul Groschel

Roy, Washington

Hi Phil, I received your DVD and grinder about 3 months ago now. The DVD was very nicely done. The grinder is much easier to use than others I have tried. This method that you are teaching is so unbelievable and unbeatable that I can only hope everyone could just get the chance to try it. Traditional methods seem like caveman stuff after this. I can do my 8 horses in under 2 hours with perfection. Our horses along with the others that I do barley flinched the first time. I found that by keeping in mind that the sanding particles  fly off the wheel at about the 1-3 o'clock position helps to not hit the horse with any particles. I feel you are truly reinventing hoof trimming here!!

Thank you so much Phil.
Tom Blake, Mt. Horeb Wisconsin

HI Phil,

Just used my angle grinder for the first time. So easy! I have two
Morgans with feet like rock during the dry season, but had been
putting off learning during the rainy season as they are easy to trim
now. But I did such a better job, in less than 1/4 of the time, with
much licking and chewing from the horses. They didn't bat an eye, and
my extension cord wasn't long enough to tie them up, so they just
stood there with the leadrope over their backs. It was so much easier
to see the heel "platform" and determine appropriate heel height with
the grinder! I thought I wouldn't be able to finesse their problem
bars, but no problems! The sole was much smoother than my normal job.

The horses and I thank you!
Darren Hawks

Hi Phil,
I thought I'd send you a follow up note to let you know how much I appreciate your
wonderful website and very nicely done DVD. The 'review' option is very helpful. WOW....what
a difference to be able to get my horse's hooves in shape!   
FINALLY investing in a Hoof Jack has changed this back breaking job into one I actually
look forward to. But using the angle grinder to do the real work is nothing short of.......sweeeeeeeet!
Many thanks and best wishes,
Colleen Monahan
p.s.- If I can find some time to come up and spend a day learning hands-on from you
I'll give you a call. And if you're yearning to visit the Santa Cruz area....let me know.  


I've finished somewhere around 30 mini's since I got my grinder a couple weeks ago.  In another couple weeks I'll be through the herd.  This has been nothing short of a God send for me.  I have not had a problem with any of my horses.  They are use to the noise of clippers, and me.  I ordered the mini hoof stand - it is cute as a bug.  It has been a little awkward for me to get use too, but I will.  I luv the way the magnets hold my tools.  I just have to get use to where to position it. 

Like every ranch we have a couple special needs hoofs.  This method of trimming lets me focus on angles, and I was able to get one of the best trim jobs for those mares that I ever have.  I also became aware that I had been leaving my heals a little higher then I should.  I feel like I am doing a much better job, and not beating my body up nearly as bad. 

This has turned out to be a perfect method for trimming my minis.

Thank you so much!!!

Julia MacDougall

Sparkle Plenty Ranch 

Hi Phil,

Well, today I used my Cummins grinder on 2 of my horses.
I have to say I'm in love. Wow sure made my job easy.
The first horse I did was my stallion. He pulled his foot a few times but
settled right down. I never practiced on wood.  I did not use a handle
on the grinder at all. I just figured it would get in my way.
Have been doing my own trimmings now for over a year so using
the grinder was extremely easy. I will being doing my other 2 in a
few weeks when they are due for their next trim. They are all
on a 4 week schedule. One thing I really like about this is
that with on the hind feet I can do the toes from the bottom
to get the  toe length right. My other horse never even flinched
when I turned on the grinder and proceeded.
Thank you, Phil, for sharing this method. And I used my hoofjack.
Can't do the feet between my legs due to an ankle that has
12 pins and a plate. Too much stress placed on it..  

Hi Phil,

Just want to let you know that we have used the grinder with great success. I'm not sure how many people use a grinder here in The Netherlands professionally with horses, but I am thanks to you. I am very enthousiastic and so are my horses. The ease of use and precision are enormous and I will advocate the method under all my clients.

 Kind regards,

Rose Molenaar